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Dr. Davod Nadim

Dr. Davod Nadim, born in 1970(Iran Tabriz) has an academic degree in management and he has published numerous books and articles on this subject.

In addition to his scientific activities, he has been involved in urban marketing constancy in Iran for about twenty years now.

He has several responsibilities in several cities, including the following:

  • deputy mayor
  • the mayor
  • city council
  • investment manager


During his activities in different sectors, he has signed more than 200 investment partnership contacts in excess of 100 trillion a result, he has the record of most contracts and in Iran he is known as “father of Iranian urban investment.

1-4-7 Model

Dr. Davod Nadim has invented the latest urban development model”1_4_7″ for Iranian municipalities and currently he is the chairman of the investment committee at the world summit of mayors, with 56 countries.